Learn why people buy your product – and why they don’t

One of the highest-impact activities that sales, marketing, and product teams can do, is to carry out win/loss research. It’s an invaluable source of data on how your brand and product is perceived, experienced, and compared.

When done well – with data accurately captured and the right questions asked – you’ll have unique insights to improve your product roadmap, drive change in your go-to-market, and supercharge decisions.

But it’s not as easy as picking up the phone – and often turns out to be a huge timesink for already stretched teams.

Win/Loss Research

With experience of over 500 customer calls talking to users, buyers, and executives, I work with teams on a quarterly basis to connect with recent wins, lost opportunities, and uninterested leads to provide detailed win/loss analysis.

A typical engagement includes:

  1. Understanding the product, target audience, and go-to-market, along with areas of concern to focus on
  2. Arranging win/loss calls with your opportunities and prospects
  3. Providing notes and transcripts for every call
  4. Creating a quarterly report on key themes, interesting feedback, and potential next steps.

A standard process fee for up to 5 interviews per month starts at $2,000 per month.

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