Build a strong positioning and messaging foundation

Most early-stage startups are running at full speed, trying to get customers, build product, and fight fires.

Without dedicated product marketing expertise, there’s hardly any time to focus on the common strands that can pull together product, sales, and marketing: the value proposition, strong positioning, a motivation narrative, and hard-hitting messaging.

While it can develop organically, it takes time to tease out the right strands, combine them in the right way, align around the outcome, and execute effectively. The cost of not building strong positioning results in lost revenue, fewer opportunities, and slower growth.

When armed with powerful messaging that resonates, startups have an easier time generating leads, converting customers, and building the right product. Strong positioning generates higher revenues, speeds up growth, and strong foundations for the future.

Customer Value Positioning

I work with startups using a process I’ve developed that aims to bring focus and clarity, build confidence, and generate momentum through their messaging.

Delivered remotely via Zoom and Mural boards, the process has five main stages:

  1. Align on goals, and understand ‘best-fit’ customers
  2. Carry out simple research through customer interviews and using internal expertise to create personas
  3. Deduce the value that matters to each customer, aligning features and proof points along the way
  4. Level up and combine customer-led value messaging to company-level positioning

The value messaging map can then be used to build streamlined sales decks, website copy that engages, and sales narratives that reduce time-to-close.

A typical engagement takes as little as six weeks through a collaborative group of around six people representing sales, marketing, product, and leadership.

The standard process fee is priced at $12,950.

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