Competing Lessons Product Marketing

Positioning against Goliath (and multiple Davids, too)

When you’re in a highly competitive industry, your business needs to stand out. But too often, companies rely on competing on issues that are relatively basic, common, and just not that important in the grand scheme of things — price and features included! At Kayako (recently acquired), we successfully competed against some of the biggest names in software — Zendesk, Intercom, Salesforce — as well as probably hundreds of smaller businesses with similar software propositions. On reflection, here are a few things I think contributed to our ability to stand out and win customers in a crowded marketplace. We focused on just two customer personas By understanding how these two different personas thought about customer service and the way they […]


Five sales and marketing phrases we should leave behind

We’ve all seen product marketing and sales phrases on websites, in collateral, and even in demos, that have made us cringe. Let’s be honest: we’ve all used them at one point or another too. But each has a price to pay. They flow off our tongues and our fingers because we mean the ideas behind them — we really, honestly do. We use them in the hope they imbue expertise, instill authority, and impress. But these phrases are lazy. In reality, they carry no weight with the people we talk to. At best, they slip past unnoticed, with no positive or negative connotations. At worst, they are realized for the lackadaisical facades they are and devalue your positioning. Now is […]

Lessons Product Marketing

Four crucial product marketing lessons

Product marketing is an odd role, a combination of marketing, product, and sales. More often than not, product marketers fall into the role rather than determine it as their career choice. At least, that’s my experience. Thrust from general marketing into product marketing through an acquisition, I’ve now gained over four years of product marketing experience across startups, scale-ups, and bigger businesses. I’ve launched products, corporate rebrands, and helped drive hundreds of thousands of dollars in revenue. And I’ve worked with many different marketers and product marketers, and learnt from their unique experience and skill-sets. Based on my experience and those observations, here are four lessons I’ve found crucial to understand and learn to develop as a product marketer. 1. […]