Going to market through a platform ecosystem

My first real job in marketing began with a data entry gig as part of an internship: sorting out Excel lists of leads, importing and de-duplicating into a CRM. What was expected to take two weeks took two days instead. So I broadened out: writing some blog posts, tweeting, and playing around with the website. I was employee number four.…

From unsuccessful product launch to $2m ARR and acquisition

I was working remotely for two weeks when we launched the new Kayako. The launch – a huge deal for the 110 employees that had been working on the new product for the last two years – happened over Google Hangouts and Slack. Everyone joined a video call, with champagne and cake ready in the offices in London and Gurgaon,…

Emotional enemies and economic incentives in your startup narrative

At Kayako, we wanted to burn down the existing concept of customer service software that was focused on ‘tickets’ and ‘departments’ using the all-too-often emotional experience of being treated like a ticket number, and getting passed around from pillar to post between teams. We all know what that feels like, and we used this emotional enemy – a concept that…

4 B2B SaaS opportunities

These are four areas I think are really exciting, both for entrepreneurs looking for new spaces and for startups to utilise to grow their business. 1. The SMB growth opportunity An increasing number of product-led businesses are focusing on the Small/Medium Business (SMB) market, and doing very well. Why is SMB so interesting? I’m borrowing from SurePath Capital Partners post on their…

Positioning against Goliath (and multiple Davids, too)

When you’re in a highly competitive industry, your business needs to stand out. But too often, companies rely on competing on issues that are relatively basic, common, and just not that important in the grand scheme of things — price and features included! At Kayako (recently acquired), we successfully competed against some of the biggest names in software — Zendesk,…

Five sales and marketing phrases we should leave behind

We’ve all seen product marketing and sales phrases on websites, in collateral, and even in demos, that have made us cringe. Let’s be honest: we’ve all used them at one point or another too. But each has a price to pay. They flow off our tongues and our fingers because we mean the ideas behind them — we really, honestly…
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